1. Distribution panels and power protection in direct current and alternating current;
  2. Connectorized cables;
  3. BALUN;
  4. DID-Panels;
  5. Customized electronic circuits.

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SATECH, with headquarters in Curitiba/PR, stablished on 23/04/1987. Started with the trade name "CSR SERCON" on repair of handsets and in private telecommunications systems consulting.
On 1997, as winner of bidding in Rio de Janeiro, started the backstage supply to companies in the TELEBRAS system (TELEPAR, EMBRATEL, TELEMIG). On April 1998, the corporate name was changed to SATECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS LTDA.

In the early years 2000 the Satech detected the need for deployment of a quality system based on ISO9001, in order to reduce costs and improve customer service to their customers, starting the standardization of processes and the implementation of barcode in standard EAN128, for identification and traceability of products. On 2003 receive NBR ISO certification 9001 and recertified following cycles to date (the current certificate can be found here).

Nowadays, focuses its activities on industrialization of products for telecommunications, adopting the system of partnership/cooperation with some suppliers, Optimizing process costs and minimizing risks to the client.


All products are a result of own design and development, from the perception of the specific needs of its customers.



On 2005 the SATECH's entrepreneurial success Award finalist and has won the winner in 2006 in two categories: Trade and Design Management, being honored at the 4th National Recognition in Brasilia.

On 2007 was featured in Parana State leadership in quality Management – PPQG, adopting the criteria of excellence of Fundação Nacional da Qualidade – FNQ in its strategic planning.

On 2011 was the first export of connectorized cables to Paraguay.

On 2014 was awarded with the announcement of economic subsidy TECNOVA to support technological innovation through design TST-DSLAM.


Industrialization and sale of communication products.


Through innovation, provide sustained growth, for satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Provide communication products and associated services focused on excellence and satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Ethics; Professionalism; Transparency.


"Provide communication products and associated services, in accordance with the requirements laid down by the client, focused on continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.”